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Proper nutrition is a key factor to great health. Knowing what to eat, and when to eat it, can determine whether a person is fit or fat, healthy or unhealthy. What we choose to eat can either offer us the energy we need to perform a physical feat such as running, or it can create metabolic imbalance that depletes our energy and causes stress on our system.

The ShamRocker University Nutrition Club was designed to offer fresh healthy prepared meals, snacks, pre- and post-workout packages and fresh fruit/veg juice to competing athletes, folks who need to lose weight and those of ill health. I personally select the foods, prepare the meals and deliver (even ship overnight), a variety of awesome foods designed for pure health and great taste. Contact we direct to discuss your dietary needs and together we will design the perfect menu for your body...and you won't have to cook anymore!

For about $35, you will enjoy four Custom Trail Mixes, three meals and two days of the Best Juice on the Planet! All freshly prepared and DELIVERED to your home...yes, I ship overnight.

PS ~ some of my fav snacks are my custom blended Trail Mixes and I highly recommend keeping these around your house, in the car and in your gym bag :)

According to Runners World magazine contributing editor Liz Applegate, PhD., these are the Top 15 Foods for Runners (not in any order):

Almonds ~ high in Vitamin E (a special gamma-tocopheronol) which fights cancer
Eggs ~ Vitamin K (ketamin) which helps in blood coagulation and Vitamin D which works with  calcium for best absorption
Sweet Potatoes ~ Vitamin A (a beta carotene and antioxidant)
Whole Grain Cereal ~ great fiber and phytonutrients (which are antoxidants)

Oranges ~ Vitamin C for bone growth and the prevention of muscle soreness after exercise
Canned Black Beans ~ high protein and slow release of energy
Mixed Greens ~ the better the variety, the higher the mix of phytonutrients (antioxidants)
Salmon ~ huge protein and HUGE Omega 3 fats
Whole Grain Breads ~ helps reduce blood sugar levels
Stir Fry Veggies ~ frozen ones are ok! reduces belly fat, too
Whole Grain Pasta ~ added flaxseed is best; slow release of energy
Chicken ~ rebuilds protein used in exercise and provides selenium (which protects against brain damaging free radicals during workouts)
Frozen Mixed Berries ~ dark blue and purple colors are the best! Go Blueberries!
Dark Chocolate ~ the darker, the better ~ more flavonoids which lower our cholesterol
Low Fat Yogurt ~ high in protein and calcium

Vitamin D is needed for best calcium absorption, prevents osteoarthritis, reduces cancers, fights inflammation and helps regulates our blood pressure. We get this from sunlight, salmon, tuna, milk and eggs.

Vitamin B6 is needed for our bodies to change the food in our blood to glycogen so our brains can best function. It also breaks down fats, carbohydrates and proteins for easier absorption, aids in building red blood cells and antibodies. Blueberries are a big B6 fruit!

Calcium is all bones and teeth, right?! Wrong! This little beauty also is anti-arthritis, helps our brains communicate with our nervous system, regulates blood pressure and reduces the risk of colon cancer! Dairies, raw nuts.

Magnesium helps our cellular process by aiding in the metabolizinf of our food into energy. IT helps the absorption of calcium, gives us a strong immune system and keeps our heart, muscles and nerves healthy. Great source: spinach.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids not only keep our arteries clear from ugly, clogging saturated fats but in doing so, allow more fresh, oxygenated blood to get to our brains AND keep our neurotransmitters popping away like lightning! And Vitamin E builds our artery walls and keeps them flexible, so our circulatory system is working at maximum capacity.

Where so we get these fatty acids? Fish (salmon is best), nuts (walnuts and almonds), soybeans, tomatoes, oils (olive, nut and flax seed oils) and my all-time favorite...CHOCOLATE!! The wonderful cocoa bean not only contributes to our overall health by keeping those arteries free and flexible, it also increases dopamine (keeps us happy) and provides flavanoids (again, good for the arteries). Woo hoo!!


I am such a fan of the Mediterreanean dishes ~ and they are soooo good for you! Try a sliced beefsteak tomato topped with fresh mozzarella cheese, a sprig of basil and a touch of salt and pepper; then add a splash of olive oil. MMMmmm! Of course, you must have a lightly toasted piece of parmesean bread to go with that!

On the top left: Oven Roasted Salmon
On the right: Risotto with Edamane, Arugula ad Porcini

Salmon ~ 1 pound salmon fillet cut into 4 portions, baked in 425 oven with white wine, salt, ground pepper, shallots and lemon juice for about 25 minutes. Enjoy!

Risotto ~ boil 1oz porcini mushrooms; let stand then chop. Boil edamane; cook rice and shallots then add in 1.5 tbl olive oil to coat. Add lemon zest, lemon juice, salt, ground pepper, mushrooms and microwave in high for about 9 minutes; drain the edamane and add to the risotto with arugula and parmesean cheess. Serve immediately.

How much protein do you eat each day?
Your daily intake of foods should include protein to help rebuild your muscles as you workout and build your strength and endurance ~ an amount equal to 2/3 of your body weight. If you're  female who weighs about 105 pounds ~ you need 70 grams of protein per day whereas a male who weighs about 165 ~ you need 110 grams per day.

You can best achieve these grams through len chicken or fish (about a six ounce portion will give you 40 to 60 grams of protein). One egg, a cup of milk or a cup of yogurt has about 8 grams. About six ounces of rice offers 5 grams but six ounces of beans offers 10 grams! And once again, my beloved almond offers the highest grams ~ 6 grams per one ounce.

The famous "Fiona's Favorite Salad" is now available for all ShamRockers online! Woo hoo!
I created this salad years ago and it is an absolute staple in my weekly diet; high in protein and carbs, 0 trans fats ~ and it tastes simply fantastic!

  gently tear hearts of romaine lettuce into bite-sized pieces
   4 to 5 dolops of fresh mozzarella cheese (substitute hard-boiled egg)
     healthy handful of pine nuts
       slice half a beefsteak tomato
           Ken's Three Cheese Salad Dressing


Want to protect your skin against the rays of the sun?
Eat or drink these four foods regularly to not only protect your skin but also prevent skin cancer!          Pomegranates    Tomatoes    Dark Chocolate    Green Tea

A lifetime believer in food-combining, I eat my starches and my proteins separately since these two different types of foods have very different absorption methods and when eaten together, can create turmoil in our bodies. My recommended recipes for pre-race dinners tend to be carb-heavy and my post-race favorites include light proteins for after the run. I also believe that we should thoroughly enjoy our meals and create tasty, healthy dishes that not only delight our senses but truly feed our bodies the proper nutrients it requires. 
So many of you want to live this heart-healthy lifestyle but need help in getting started. Try these fundamentals of Efficient and Effective Eating:
    eat natural foods in simple combinations
        eat slowly and chew all foods
            have a tranquil meal setting
                whenever possible, eat organic foods
                    enjoy what you eat and be thankful for each meal
                        avoid refined, canned and 'dead' foods
                            avoid too much variety at one meal setting
                                avoid eating when you're tired, upset or sick
                                    NEVER OVER EAT
These tips will start you on the right path to a healthy life!

My fave night-before-the-race meal: eggplant parmesean (rich in bioflavonoids). Fantastic post-race meal celebration later that night: almond-encrusted rainbow trout with artichokes and capers (high in omega-3 fatty acids).

What to eat before a run? I enjoy a half a cup of 2% cottage cheese and a DanActive probiotic yogurt drink. The kids love a half a banana or apple, half a PB sandwich or a j'ambon au buere" (ham and butter on a french baguette, just as we enjoyed for breakfast in Paris!)

Post run snack? Pick up some roasted almonds, fruits like apples, red or green seedless grapes or peaches.

Secret to Great Health ~ Select food that's good for you, serve it in moderate portions, enjoy it with a smile in your heart and give thanks to God for the meal.

Bon Appetit!




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